Saturday, June 19, 2010

I have a good excuse ( My dog ate my paintbrush?)

Hey All,

Well, as you can see, my evil gaming group has sucked me under GW's spell and I have been painting some orks up for 40K. Forgive me for straying, here are the super figures you all came for:

Infernal Magician - a mediocre stage magician granted infernal mastery in the service of the mysterious Mr F.

Chronoscope Figure - Lot of fun to paint, took off the bunny which came with the original figure. Could also have made a great 1940's pulp hero / villain.

Fortuna - The Infernal Magician's assistant, she eagerly signed up with Mr F to get a chance in the limelight. Her black as pitch playing cards signal good luck for her - and a turn of luck for her opponents.

Chronoscope Figure - Easy to paint, and I like the way the greens and the reds came together.

Firecracker - A Japanese student on exchange, she uses her powers to protect the niche communities in River City.

Chronoscope Figure - yeah move along, not my best work. Though I do like the Ultraman-esque eye pieces on her hood.

Dr Red - a masterful tactical coordinator and explosives expert, this is one man of the jungle that you don't want to monkey around with ( couldn't help myself).

Pulp City - Dr Red. Wow, this piece is huge - he's almost as big as Hellsmith. Great figure to paint though.

Downsize - Being able to shrink down to microscopic size shouldn't be that useful, but when you are a highly paid corporate saboteur and information provider ( i.e: corporate spy ), Downsize's miraculous suit makes his job a whole lot easier.

Infinity hacker figure - got him from a bargain box, came together quite well.

Vermina - Cast out of her own gothic art enclave for just being too creepy, Vermina has discovered how to transform into, and control, the rodents, the plague bearers, the carrion eaters and the creepier species. Now uses her abilities to create disturbing performance pieces and art.

Chronoscope - again, nothing to see here. Really not that happy with this one, I may have to come back to her one day.

Leadlight - A brilliant scientist, Leadlight was in the middle of an explosion caused by Downsize and coated in an experimental fluid. She can now make herself intangible or as solid as lead. Plus she can pack a pretty nifty punch in there if needed.

Chronoscope - Hmm, don't hate it, but still not 100% on her. I was mucking around with the GW washes and I feel the results are....okay.

Rasputina - The daughter of a scientist at Chernobyl, his mutated DNA gifted her with the ability to manipulate the icy elements of their Siberian exile. Bitter and angry, she made her way to River city where she can earn some roubles through good old fashioned villainy.

Malifaux - Rasputina - Lovely figure, great fun to paint.

The Nihlist - No-one knows much about this one. His disturbing persona and macarbe ability to raise the dead don't exactly project "approachable". What the authorities have learnt is that when he shows up, a situation is going to turn warped, bizarre and wretched very quickly.

Malifaux - Bishop. Great figure and as I have had this concept bouncing around for the longest time, suited it to a tee.

The Chain Gang - Wotan looked down and was displeased. Too many inferiors ran free while his precious aryans were locked away for petty "crimes". When a group of them were chained together, he took the chance to influence a little of his divine power. The group found themselves infused with power and broke free of their guards. Civic minded vigilantes have been chasing down those that are still free, with only 15 of them left. Strangely, they seem to be getting stronger and stronger.

Superfigs - Press Gang. Every now and then I make it down to Tin Soldier in Sydney, and every time I eyed off a pack of 15 figures for $40. So I finally plunked down the cash for them and voila, here is my work in progress aryan prison gang. Before anyone points out the obvious, I am going to get around to putting a Caucasian skin tone on the unpainted ones.

Okay, brain hitting rest switch - time to go to bed.

Till next time ( which should involve some more pulp city figures and possibly a retro flashback to old goodness )