Sunday, August 8, 2010

A small update, but hey, an update!

Hey all,

Late here, brain hurts, here are figures.

A series of baffling murders have occurred in the high steel towers of river city. Rich men and women known for environmental acts of folly have been turning up dead, killed by what looks like exposure to the elements. Police remain baffled.


Blood Rose from Pulp City. Great miniature, superb detail. So much character on this one. Absolute pain to paint but worth it in the end.

Yuri Gregorivik learned the hard way that you don't mess with the Russian mafia. A brilliant scientist working on a revolutionary cooling serum for Siberian citizens, he foolishly gambled away most of his grant thinking he was too valuable to be hurt. A bomb in his lab showed him the error of his ways. He was drenched in the serum and turned into the cold wielding freak, White Russian!


Chronoscope figure with facial feature chopped down - otherwise untouched. Well, apart from the painting...

Three sports teachers travelling back from an athletics meet, all snatched by aliens and experimented on, they escape and find themselves with strange new abilities. Nah! That would never happen.... would it? Meet Pinch Hitter, Fullback and Golden Boy, the Green and Gold Trio!
Golden Boy
Pinch Hitter

All three are pulp city figures. I got them very cheap and uhmmed and ahed about them when all of a sudden it just clicked - Aussie sporting heros turned supers!

A mad scientist, a lucky delivery of special chemicals and a burning need for resources - meet the Mixer!

The Mixer

Chronoscope figure on top of a heroclix base. Brought him on a whim so I mucked about with different colours and washes and got this grey and black nut case.

Toy Boy is a transformer type from mutants and masterminds 1st edition sourcebook, Crooks!

Toy Boy

Ugh....chronoscope, robot butler thingy. Not thrilled with this one.

Jackanape is one of the great scientific minds of this age - born into a family of wizards, witched and mystic legends. Determined to prove to his family that science was just as capable of producing stunning feats and achievements, he turned himself into a modern master of science.


Pulp City - Trail. Man, that cape sucked to paint. I'm still not 100% on it. I was also trying for the same colours as elemental lad from legion. Not quite sure I got it, but still think it is quite striking.

Allright, that's it. Off with you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I have a good excuse ( My dog ate my paintbrush?)

Hey All,

Well, as you can see, my evil gaming group has sucked me under GW's spell and I have been painting some orks up for 40K. Forgive me for straying, here are the super figures you all came for:

Infernal Magician - a mediocre stage magician granted infernal mastery in the service of the mysterious Mr F.

Chronoscope Figure - Lot of fun to paint, took off the bunny which came with the original figure. Could also have made a great 1940's pulp hero / villain.

Fortuna - The Infernal Magician's assistant, she eagerly signed up with Mr F to get a chance in the limelight. Her black as pitch playing cards signal good luck for her - and a turn of luck for her opponents.

Chronoscope Figure - Easy to paint, and I like the way the greens and the reds came together.

Firecracker - A Japanese student on exchange, she uses her powers to protect the niche communities in River City.

Chronoscope Figure - yeah move along, not my best work. Though I do like the Ultraman-esque eye pieces on her hood.

Dr Red - a masterful tactical coordinator and explosives expert, this is one man of the jungle that you don't want to monkey around with ( couldn't help myself).

Pulp City - Dr Red. Wow, this piece is huge - he's almost as big as Hellsmith. Great figure to paint though.

Downsize - Being able to shrink down to microscopic size shouldn't be that useful, but when you are a highly paid corporate saboteur and information provider ( i.e: corporate spy ), Downsize's miraculous suit makes his job a whole lot easier.

Infinity hacker figure - got him from a bargain box, came together quite well.

Vermina - Cast out of her own gothic art enclave for just being too creepy, Vermina has discovered how to transform into, and control, the rodents, the plague bearers, the carrion eaters and the creepier species. Now uses her abilities to create disturbing performance pieces and art.

Chronoscope - again, nothing to see here. Really not that happy with this one, I may have to come back to her one day.

Leadlight - A brilliant scientist, Leadlight was in the middle of an explosion caused by Downsize and coated in an experimental fluid. She can now make herself intangible or as solid as lead. Plus she can pack a pretty nifty punch in there if needed.

Chronoscope - Hmm, don't hate it, but still not 100% on her. I was mucking around with the GW washes and I feel the results are....okay.

Rasputina - The daughter of a scientist at Chernobyl, his mutated DNA gifted her with the ability to manipulate the icy elements of their Siberian exile. Bitter and angry, she made her way to River city where she can earn some roubles through good old fashioned villainy.

Malifaux - Rasputina - Lovely figure, great fun to paint.

The Nihlist - No-one knows much about this one. His disturbing persona and macarbe ability to raise the dead don't exactly project "approachable". What the authorities have learnt is that when he shows up, a situation is going to turn warped, bizarre and wretched very quickly.

Malifaux - Bishop. Great figure and as I have had this concept bouncing around for the longest time, suited it to a tee.

The Chain Gang - Wotan looked down and was displeased. Too many inferiors ran free while his precious aryans were locked away for petty "crimes". When a group of them were chained together, he took the chance to influence a little of his divine power. The group found themselves infused with power and broke free of their guards. Civic minded vigilantes have been chasing down those that are still free, with only 15 of them left. Strangely, they seem to be getting stronger and stronger.

Superfigs - Press Gang. Every now and then I make it down to Tin Soldier in Sydney, and every time I eyed off a pack of 15 figures for $40. So I finally plunked down the cash for them and voila, here is my work in progress aryan prison gang. Before anyone points out the obvious, I am going to get around to putting a Caucasian skin tone on the unpainted ones.

Okay, brain hitting rest switch - time to go to bed.

Till next time ( which should involve some more pulp city figures and possibly a retro flashback to old goodness )


Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey All,

Well, I'm back! Family function a success, minor brain frazzle over work, so onto the miniatures.

They say that when Mr F comes with an offer, you had best think long and hard about it. His ability to grant power is well known. But as some in the mystic community - such as Jackanape, Infernal Magician, Fortuna - have all discovered, there is always a price to pay.
A Nicodemus model from Malifaux. I lost the vulture head along the way, so he has languished for a long time on my painting table while I sought out a substitute.

Shooting Star is from an more innocent time, the Golden Age of super heroics. He was an American test pilot exposed to some strange new chemical that Howard Hawks boffins had come up with to power a new high speed jet plane. Taking his name from the craft, the Shooting Star, he protected America from home front saboteurs and 5th columnists.

Another reaper figure from their chronoscope line, Zenith. Lot of trouble with those stars, but otherwise a nice "patriotic" hero.

A new figure on the hero scene, Sky Marshall is a swift figure of justice protecting the skies of River City. He has been particularly vigilant in battling the cult of Serpentress.
A classic "underwear on the outside" kind of costume, Solar from pulp city came with a honking big cape that - for me - took away from the old school simplicity of the figure. While the colours are different, I kind of got an old school Captain Marvel feel from this one.

As a molecular chemist and researcher, Bixby Rand was used to mucking about with different compounds to see what he could come up with but it still came as a total shock to him when he discovered he could reach across the room from his stool. Years of exposure had left his body transmuted into a rubbery, fibrous structure. Calling himself Stretch, he potters about the lab and is able to assist some of these modern hero's when brawn just isn't enough.
Blubbery Rand from Chronoscope - simple straightforward concept and easily adapted into a Mr Fantastic for those interested.

The local authorities claim to know nothing about the enigmatic figure of Twilight. All that is known is that she is deadly, can vanish without a trace and is responsible for the death of at least 20 local gangland identities. An assasin? A vigilante? If anyone knows, they ain't saying.
Twilight from Pulp City. I took her off her gargoyle base, placed her on a heroclix chimney and added some GW pipes and fuel tanks. She's a very mulitcultural young lady.

Okay, that's it for now. As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments.



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bit of a dump, then off air for a while

So, with family type commitments and a new term starting up soon, I thought I'd do something of a dump of figures and then get back to reality for a while. Let's get to it then!

Meet Frag, a grizzled ex-green beret who was severely injured in a I.E.D explosion. Unscrupulous private contractors contacted him with an offer of a new and improved body. The operation was an explosive success and Frag decided he would rather work for himself. Now he hires himself out to whoever can afford his very,very expensive prices.

Crosswire, one of the first of the Chronoscope figures. Nice figure, shame about my colur scheme.

This is Arrow Head, a tribal protector and folk legend. He is an Anti-corporation and environmental activist. He comes from a small family of mystically powered social crusaders.

Another Pulp City figure, Stoner Hawk. Lovely figure and so easy to do with Games Workshops new inks.

Something of a River City legend, Flintlock is believe to be the city's first hero. An original man of mystery, he / it protected the city during its formative years.

A Warmachine Cryx figure - not sure which one, but I'd been eyeing it off for a while now as suitable for Flintlock.

Freestyle, a surfing bum who was granted water powers from an admiring sea nymph. A larrikin at heart, he's more interested in catching a wave then catching crooks.

Pulp City's Seabolt - just appealed to that sun drenched Aussie in me, even though that part of me normally hides under a layer of pasty white skin inside. Also wanted to show my freehand design on the back of the Hawaiian shirt.

Lawman is a no-nonsense sort who just happens to be a genuine cowboy flung through time to the present by an Indian magic ritual. Able to fling mystic cards that bring about luck or misfortune, he works at catching modern day scoundrels.

Pulp City's Ace of Wraiths, repositioned so he was running forward rather than leaning back. Just mucking around with it when I first got the set and it felt right.

Hedge Witch, a member of a group of Mystic marauders.

Chronoscope Witch - boy, do I need to do her eyes again.

Hellsmith, ancient Stygian Titan accidently released on River City.

Pulp City's Hellsmith figure. Monster of a figure - quite happy with the way he turned out.

Hotshot, a fire wielding assasin. Blazing temper to match his burning bullets.

Pulp City's Gentleman - top piece of work from them again.

Serpentress leads a cult of snake worshipping maniacs determined to bring about the end of the world and rebuild it in their unholy diety's image.

Pulp city's Sister Bedlam - and yes, a total rip off of Kobra but the sculpt screamed "Serpent Cult leader" to me.

Hoodo and her loyal Voodoo Wolf familiar protect the City from the likes of Dead Man Walking and Martin Dread with their eerie talents.

Pulp City's Red Hoodoo and Wolf companion. I went a tad crazy getting some of these figures last year with Birthday money.

Asbestos is an unfortunate, tragic case of money winning out over common sense. Originally just a humble builder, his corporate overseer pushed for unsafe work practises and led to him being poisoned by a poorly constructed demolition job. Mixing with an innate meta-gene, the worker wasted away into a burning mass of poison gasses and sulphuric flames. Now he seeks revenge on fat cats and corporations everywhere!
Nuke, from Pulp City.

Okay, that's it for now. My brain is citing lack of thinking time and needs some rest.

Please feel free to leave comments.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monkey Magic

Woot! I have followers!

Is that good?

By the way, it might seem like I am the Speedy Gonzalez of painting but most of these figures have been waiting for their moment in the sun for a while now.

Anyone who knows me at Heroclix will tell you I have a strange and slightly manic love for the monkeys. So when I saw Pulp City's range of monkeys, well I was hooked. I plan to use these guys as their character names, under the super team name " The Sinister Simians."

First, Che Gorilla.

Just a nice simple gorilla with a mini gun. Great figure, but my wife kind of spoiled my fun by asking, "Why does he have man boobs?"

Next up, Virus.

Great figure, full of character but a pain to put together. Fiddly bits for those unskilled with the drills and whatnot.

His mechanical protector, Apebot.

I went with a white colour scheme because I figured Virus would be a geek and the most intimidating of all armoured characters are, of course, Stormtroopers. Just a great figure to paint and put together.

Finally, Chimp Chi.

I really, really wanted this one to work. But, alas, I failed. Could not get traction on this one and ended up just finishing him. Sigh....

I still have Dr Red, the explosive orang-utan on the table, and hope to add him to the motley crew soon.

Thanks to everyone who's taken a look and especially to Rob Bresnen for his kind comments on his blog, Four Colour Supers.

Catch ya next time!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Here we go!

Hi all,

Well, I've taken the step in the wonderful world of blogging, mainly because I was tired of consuming from the Internet and not giving back....which of course is just what the Internet needs. I am a life long fan - yes, way back yonder into the womb - of superheros and their comic books. I have been collecting for many a year and dabbling in the world of miniatures as well. I think my gateway drug like so many was necromunda, then 40K and finally, my true love arrived, heroclix. I have been cutting, modding, posing, pimping super heroes and villains ever since.

So without further ado, here are some of the figures. I generally take an established figure - whether it is intended for super RPG or super gaming or even an unrelated game - and give it my own name and history.

ANZAC is a joint power suit designed by the Australian and New Zealand government for use in all meta related incidents. So far the suits have proved quite successful and recruitments in the armed forces have swelled for a chance to pilot one of these high profile pieces of technology.

The figure is a Chronoscope figure - Cyclone, I think.

Maybe it was the long drive and the vicious accident, maybe it was the experimental chemicals in the back of his truck, perhaps it was the odd vitamin drink his aboriginal medicine man buddy had passed onto him: When Charlie Thomlinson woke up merged with what was his truck, his life was changed forever. He took up protecting the rights of the common man as Road Train.

The figure is one of the lovely Pulp City figures, Iron Train.

It was meant to be the ultimate piece of motoring technology - a hybrid engine mixed with the sheer grunt that only a supercar could produce. With a special AI to drive it ( since no one was foolish enough to get behind the wheel themselves ), the vehicle proceeded to set a land speed record before a thunderous crack and burst of light occurred. The long sleek vehicle disappeared and in its place stood a thin elegant robotic figure. It announced it was now no man's property and proceeded to zoom off into the distance: the cybernetic menace known as V1000 had arrived.

The final figure in this entry is another Pulp city figure, Androida. It's one of the few I'm not overly fond of as I couldn't find a liking for the figure. Just a personal thing, nothing against the quality of the sculpt at all.

Well, that's it for my first post. More to come soon.


Cameron Twine