Sunday, August 8, 2010

A small update, but hey, an update!

Hey all,

Late here, brain hurts, here are figures.

A series of baffling murders have occurred in the high steel towers of river city. Rich men and women known for environmental acts of folly have been turning up dead, killed by what looks like exposure to the elements. Police remain baffled.


Blood Rose from Pulp City. Great miniature, superb detail. So much character on this one. Absolute pain to paint but worth it in the end.

Yuri Gregorivik learned the hard way that you don't mess with the Russian mafia. A brilliant scientist working on a revolutionary cooling serum for Siberian citizens, he foolishly gambled away most of his grant thinking he was too valuable to be hurt. A bomb in his lab showed him the error of his ways. He was drenched in the serum and turned into the cold wielding freak, White Russian!


Chronoscope figure with facial feature chopped down - otherwise untouched. Well, apart from the painting...

Three sports teachers travelling back from an athletics meet, all snatched by aliens and experimented on, they escape and find themselves with strange new abilities. Nah! That would never happen.... would it? Meet Pinch Hitter, Fullback and Golden Boy, the Green and Gold Trio!
Golden Boy
Pinch Hitter

All three are pulp city figures. I got them very cheap and uhmmed and ahed about them when all of a sudden it just clicked - Aussie sporting heros turned supers!

A mad scientist, a lucky delivery of special chemicals and a burning need for resources - meet the Mixer!

The Mixer

Chronoscope figure on top of a heroclix base. Brought him on a whim so I mucked about with different colours and washes and got this grey and black nut case.

Toy Boy is a transformer type from mutants and masterminds 1st edition sourcebook, Crooks!

Toy Boy

Ugh....chronoscope, robot butler thingy. Not thrilled with this one.

Jackanape is one of the great scientific minds of this age - born into a family of wizards, witched and mystic legends. Determined to prove to his family that science was just as capable of producing stunning feats and achievements, he turned himself into a modern master of science.


Pulp City - Trail. Man, that cape sucked to paint. I'm still not 100% on it. I was also trying for the same colours as elemental lad from legion. Not quite sure I got it, but still think it is quite striking.

Allright, that's it. Off with you!

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