Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bit of a dump, then off air for a while

So, with family type commitments and a new term starting up soon, I thought I'd do something of a dump of figures and then get back to reality for a while. Let's get to it then!

Meet Frag, a grizzled ex-green beret who was severely injured in a I.E.D explosion. Unscrupulous private contractors contacted him with an offer of a new and improved body. The operation was an explosive success and Frag decided he would rather work for himself. Now he hires himself out to whoever can afford his very,very expensive prices.

Crosswire, one of the first of the Chronoscope figures. Nice figure, shame about my colur scheme.

This is Arrow Head, a tribal protector and folk legend. He is an Anti-corporation and environmental activist. He comes from a small family of mystically powered social crusaders.

Another Pulp City figure, Stoner Hawk. Lovely figure and so easy to do with Games Workshops new inks.

Something of a River City legend, Flintlock is believe to be the city's first hero. An original man of mystery, he / it protected the city during its formative years.

A Warmachine Cryx figure - not sure which one, but I'd been eyeing it off for a while now as suitable for Flintlock.

Freestyle, a surfing bum who was granted water powers from an admiring sea nymph. A larrikin at heart, he's more interested in catching a wave then catching crooks.

Pulp City's Seabolt - just appealed to that sun drenched Aussie in me, even though that part of me normally hides under a layer of pasty white skin inside. Also wanted to show my freehand design on the back of the Hawaiian shirt.

Lawman is a no-nonsense sort who just happens to be a genuine cowboy flung through time to the present by an Indian magic ritual. Able to fling mystic cards that bring about luck or misfortune, he works at catching modern day scoundrels.

Pulp City's Ace of Wraiths, repositioned so he was running forward rather than leaning back. Just mucking around with it when I first got the set and it felt right.

Hedge Witch, a member of a group of Mystic marauders.

Chronoscope Witch - boy, do I need to do her eyes again.

Hellsmith, ancient Stygian Titan accidently released on River City.

Pulp City's Hellsmith figure. Monster of a figure - quite happy with the way he turned out.

Hotshot, a fire wielding assasin. Blazing temper to match his burning bullets.

Pulp City's Gentleman - top piece of work from them again.

Serpentress leads a cult of snake worshipping maniacs determined to bring about the end of the world and rebuild it in their unholy diety's image.

Pulp city's Sister Bedlam - and yes, a total rip off of Kobra but the sculpt screamed "Serpent Cult leader" to me.

Hoodo and her loyal Voodoo Wolf familiar protect the City from the likes of Dead Man Walking and Martin Dread with their eerie talents.

Pulp City's Red Hoodoo and Wolf companion. I went a tad crazy getting some of these figures last year with Birthday money.

Asbestos is an unfortunate, tragic case of money winning out over common sense. Originally just a humble builder, his corporate overseer pushed for unsafe work practises and led to him being poisoned by a poorly constructed demolition job. Mixing with an innate meta-gene, the worker wasted away into a burning mass of poison gasses and sulphuric flames. Now he seeks revenge on fat cats and corporations everywhere!
Nuke, from Pulp City.

Okay, that's it for now. My brain is citing lack of thinking time and needs some rest.

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