Monday, April 5, 2010

Here we go!

Hi all,

Well, I've taken the step in the wonderful world of blogging, mainly because I was tired of consuming from the Internet and not giving back....which of course is just what the Internet needs. I am a life long fan - yes, way back yonder into the womb - of superheros and their comic books. I have been collecting for many a year and dabbling in the world of miniatures as well. I think my gateway drug like so many was necromunda, then 40K and finally, my true love arrived, heroclix. I have been cutting, modding, posing, pimping super heroes and villains ever since.

So without further ado, here are some of the figures. I generally take an established figure - whether it is intended for super RPG or super gaming or even an unrelated game - and give it my own name and history.

ANZAC is a joint power suit designed by the Australian and New Zealand government for use in all meta related incidents. So far the suits have proved quite successful and recruitments in the armed forces have swelled for a chance to pilot one of these high profile pieces of technology.

The figure is a Chronoscope figure - Cyclone, I think.

Maybe it was the long drive and the vicious accident, maybe it was the experimental chemicals in the back of his truck, perhaps it was the odd vitamin drink his aboriginal medicine man buddy had passed onto him: When Charlie Thomlinson woke up merged with what was his truck, his life was changed forever. He took up protecting the rights of the common man as Road Train.

The figure is one of the lovely Pulp City figures, Iron Train.

It was meant to be the ultimate piece of motoring technology - a hybrid engine mixed with the sheer grunt that only a supercar could produce. With a special AI to drive it ( since no one was foolish enough to get behind the wheel themselves ), the vehicle proceeded to set a land speed record before a thunderous crack and burst of light occurred. The long sleek vehicle disappeared and in its place stood a thin elegant robotic figure. It announced it was now no man's property and proceeded to zoom off into the distance: the cybernetic menace known as V1000 had arrived.

The final figure in this entry is another Pulp city figure, Androida. It's one of the few I'm not overly fond of as I couldn't find a liking for the figure. Just a personal thing, nothing against the quality of the sculpt at all.

Well, that's it for my first post. More to come soon.


Cameron Twine

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  1. Cool figs- welcome to the superhero blog community. I really like that reaper iron man chap- good colours. keep up the good work- cant wait to see more.