Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monkey Magic

Woot! I have followers!

Is that good?

By the way, it might seem like I am the Speedy Gonzalez of painting but most of these figures have been waiting for their moment in the sun for a while now.

Anyone who knows me at Heroclix will tell you I have a strange and slightly manic love for the monkeys. So when I saw Pulp City's range of monkeys, well I was hooked. I plan to use these guys as their character names, under the super team name " The Sinister Simians."

First, Che Gorilla.

Just a nice simple gorilla with a mini gun. Great figure, but my wife kind of spoiled my fun by asking, "Why does he have man boobs?"

Next up, Virus.

Great figure, full of character but a pain to put together. Fiddly bits for those unskilled with the drills and whatnot.

His mechanical protector, Apebot.

I went with a white colour scheme because I figured Virus would be a geek and the most intimidating of all armoured characters are, of course, Stormtroopers. Just a great figure to paint and put together.

Finally, Chimp Chi.

I really, really wanted this one to work. But, alas, I failed. Could not get traction on this one and ended up just finishing him. Sigh....

I still have Dr Red, the explosive orang-utan on the table, and hope to add him to the motley crew soon.

Thanks to everyone who's taken a look and especially to Rob Bresnen for his kind comments on his blog, Four Colour Supers.

Catch ya next time!

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  1. Have you though of incorporating some of the HC Simians in to your figures? Mallah, AA or even HT Grodd, HoT Gorilla Man even AA Ultrahumanite. I find the Super Apes to be a little on the small side.