Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey All,

Well, I'm back! Family function a success, minor brain frazzle over work, so onto the miniatures.

They say that when Mr F comes with an offer, you had best think long and hard about it. His ability to grant power is well known. But as some in the mystic community - such as Jackanape, Infernal Magician, Fortuna - have all discovered, there is always a price to pay.
A Nicodemus model from Malifaux. I lost the vulture head along the way, so he has languished for a long time on my painting table while I sought out a substitute.

Shooting Star is from an more innocent time, the Golden Age of super heroics. He was an American test pilot exposed to some strange new chemical that Howard Hawks boffins had come up with to power a new high speed jet plane. Taking his name from the craft, the Shooting Star, he protected America from home front saboteurs and 5th columnists.

Another reaper figure from their chronoscope line, Zenith. Lot of trouble with those stars, but otherwise a nice "patriotic" hero.

A new figure on the hero scene, Sky Marshall is a swift figure of justice protecting the skies of River City. He has been particularly vigilant in battling the cult of Serpentress.
A classic "underwear on the outside" kind of costume, Solar from pulp city came with a honking big cape that - for me - took away from the old school simplicity of the figure. While the colours are different, I kind of got an old school Captain Marvel feel from this one.

As a molecular chemist and researcher, Bixby Rand was used to mucking about with different compounds to see what he could come up with but it still came as a total shock to him when he discovered he could reach across the room from his stool. Years of exposure had left his body transmuted into a rubbery, fibrous structure. Calling himself Stretch, he potters about the lab and is able to assist some of these modern hero's when brawn just isn't enough.
Blubbery Rand from Chronoscope - simple straightforward concept and easily adapted into a Mr Fantastic for those interested.

The local authorities claim to know nothing about the enigmatic figure of Twilight. All that is known is that she is deadly, can vanish without a trace and is responsible for the death of at least 20 local gangland identities. An assasin? A vigilante? If anyone knows, they ain't saying.
Twilight from Pulp City. I took her off her gargoyle base, placed her on a heroclix chimney and added some GW pipes and fuel tanks. She's a very mulitcultural young lady.

Okay, that's it for now. As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments.



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  1. You're too prolific for me, I wish I could paint HALF as fast LoL!